This has been a good spring for fishing in the area. The weather has been cooperating by keeping temperatures from getting too warm too quickly. This steadier temperature keeps fish shallower longer, making catching a lot of nice fish much easier from both boat and shore. More species are available closer to shore, too, since spawn times are extended. The reports from area lakes are good.

The Skokie lagoons are still producing good catches of all the pan fish species – bluegill, sunfish and crappies. They don’t appear to prefer any special bait. Small minnows, wax worms and small tube baits are all productive. The walleyes and bass are still being caught, but not as frequently as earlier this spring. They’re probably moving to summer spots and deeper cover.

The salmon bite on Lake Michigan has slowed this week, with most of the action in 1-18 feet of water just a half-mile offshore. Traffic out there has been heavy, but catches have been light. The guys think that when the weather stabilizes the catch rates go up. No one is catching any perch yet or if they are, they’re not talking about it. I hope that changes soon. There’s nothing like a fresh perch dinner and it’s been a while.

Busse Lake is producing some good catches of 14-16 inch largemouth bass every day. The best baits appear to be small-size crankbaits, and downsized plastic baits right now. The downed trees seem to be the preferred location for the larger fish.

Don’t forget the fishing fundraiser at Lovelace Park this coming weekend. There’s going to be plenty for young anglers to do besides fish, and there will be a great fish fry, too. Come on out and enjoy the day for just $10.

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