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The extra rain we received this spring and early summer has swollen a lot of our waterways well into summer this year. This creates some unusual fishing opportunities.

The Skokie Lagoons, Wolf Lake and other waters have unusually high levels. The high water provides additional feeding areas for the fish, and all the grass, trees and banks now in the water are a giant smorgasbord of insects, worms and the like. This food source is normally not available this late in the year. Fishermen should be taking advantage of it and targeting the spots for fish.

These spots may be quite shallow, only a few feet deep, but that should not spook one away. These areas can be fished a couple of ways, and they all should be tried. The quickest way to locate fish is with an 1/8 oz. jig head and 3-4″ twister tail. Color choices are white, yellow, chartreuse or orange. These can be cast around any object or weed edge, and one can cover a lot of water locating active fish.

Try visualizing the shore edge with the water at normal levels and work that edge, which will now be submerged. Another option is to use live bait, such as night crawlers or leeches. This presentation should be done with a slip float to adjust to the depth of the fishing area. Slip float rigs are available at most tackle shops.

This setup can be used in extremely shallow areas if necessary, which is why it’s great for this type of fish catching. Leeches should be hooked through the sucker end; nightcrawlers can either be hooked through the collar or hooked in the end. Try nightcrawlers first, because they are easier to work into the hook. If a whole nightcrawler produced a lot of short hits, try using just half a crawler. If that does not work, then switch to leeches.

Water levels will begin to recede as the summer progresses, so this is a short window of opportunity.

Give it a try.

Until next time, keep a tight line.

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