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We want U 2 tell us about your exciting first day of school. What did U C? The RoundTable would like U 2 B reporters 4 us. We plan to keep a record of first days of school for the next several years.

And we’ll start with yours.

Tell us about the first day of school:

What grade are you in?

What was the date?

How did you get to school?

How many bicycles were in the bike rack at your

How many kids are in your classroom or home

What flowers were in bloom?

What was the temperature outside?

What leaves were turning?

What changed at your school over the

What was the cafeteria serving for lunch?

What kind of shoes did you wear?

What was the most popular color of clothing
among your friends?

How much does a gallon of gasoline cost?

What ward of the City of Evanston do you live in?

Who is your alderman?

Who do you hope will be our next president?

What is the Cubs’ record?

What is the White Sox’s record?

PLS send your info 2: info@evanstonroundtable.com. ATTN: BFF.

THX. C U next year 2 🙂