Evanston firefighters and policemen attended an early morning ceremony on Sept. 11 at Fire Station #1, 1332 Emerson St., to remember the first responders and other victims who lost their lives in the terrorist attack seven years ago.

Fire Division Chief Samuel Hunter told the RoundTable, “This event is in remembrance of a historic and tragic event. I am happy to keep remembering the public servants who gave their lives. It was a life-changing event in our history.”

Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell said, “No one will forget 9-11. The brave men and women who lost their lives will be in our memories forever.”

Mayor Lorraine Morton said, “The events of 9-11 strengthened my own awareness of the danger faced by firefighters. I hope people will become more sensitive to the dangers facing those who serve us.”

Police chaplain Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein said, “We remember the first responders, the firefighters and policemen, who lost their lives. We remember the victims who lost their lives.” He added that the purpose of remembering is so “we don’t forget our humanity. … The purpose of remembrance is a wake-up call to do goodness and kindness tomorrow.”

Fire Chaplain Father Thomas Franzman said, “Remembering is important in remembering our history. We learn and hopefully we grow and make a difference to make a change.” Police Chief Richard Eddington, referring to the first responders, said, “Their sacrifices saved the lives of many people.”

Fire Chief Alan Berkowsky said that the event has changed the way government agencies do business. He said government agencies now work more together and train together to respond to emergency situations.