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The Evanston Township High School Class of 2008 earned a composite score of 23.1 on the ACT, the highest ACT composite score for ETHS, but for one year, in 36 years. It is also the highest earned by ETHS students since 2002, when all Illinois juniors began taking the ACT as part of the Prairie State Achievement Exam (PSAE).

ETHS’s composite score is higher than both the state (20.7) and national (21.1) averages. Illinois is one of only three states, with Colorado and Michigan, that require all students to take the ACT. Only about two-thirds of students, those who are contemplating applying to college, otherwise tend to take the assessment test.

“All of our kids, even our most struggling students, take the ACT,” said Superintendent Eric Witherspoon, “and still we post higher scores than the nation.”

The only time in the past 36 years that ETHS scored higher on the ACT was in 1998, when the composite score was 23.3. At that time, school officials estimated that only 67.7 percent of students took the test.

The increase in average scores extended to all subject areas covered by the ACT. Scores in both English (23.2) and reading (23.0) rose 0.7 over 2007, science rose 0.4 (22.3) and math rose 0.2 (23.5).