When Maine South was named the number one football team in Illinois, many people argued they had not yet faced a challenge from any team they had played.

Last Friday the Hawks showed they were the ultimate challenge. It was the second and last night game of the season at Lazier Field in Memorial Stadium, and the Kits did not shine as they had against Maine West two weeks earlier. From the starting kickoff to the final whistle, the Hawks were in complete control and seemed to be too much for Evanston to handle.

Much was said about Maine South’s all-around team, and most of the talk was about their powerful offense, especially quarterback Charlie Goro, a Division I recruit who recently signed to play college football next year at Vanderbilt University in the Southeast Conference.

Goro is known as a complete double threat, who can beat the opposing team with his legs or his rocket arm, both of which have worn out every team the Hawks have faced in the first five weeks of the season.

Goro and his high-powered offense also included WR Joey Orlando, Goro’s favorite target on the field. Nobody has been able to stop the Hawks’ offense so far this season, and Evanston was no exception. Maine South’s offense was virtually unstoppable on Friday night, eventually winning 56-8.

The Kits came in to the game looking to upset the number one team in Illinois, but it was obvious half-way through the first quarter that Maine South was not going to be upset any time soon.

Goro showed how dominating he can be all by himself. Goro threw only 13 passes in the whole game before leaving in the third quarter, but completed 12 of them for two touchdowns; and he ran for two more touchdowns himself. As expected, Goro completed the touchdown passes to Orlando, who seemed to be open on every play; and Goro made sure he got the ball. Their first score came only 1:08 minutes into the game, and that is how the offense operated all night, or at least until Goro took an early exit when the Hawks were up 49-0.

Evanston struggled to get their offense going all night. The Kits started junior Kevin Rosinski at quarterback for the second straight game, as original starter George Sorenson was still plagued with an injury to his throwing hand.

Rosinski started the season as a linebacker, a position he in which he looked very impressive, but he switched from his defensive role when Coach Mike Burzawa needed an arm until Sorenson returned to the lineup.

Neither Rosinski nor Evanston as a whole could find a way to get around a very fast and powerful defense that shut the Kits down all night.

Evanston’s offense was forced into three and outs on almost every drive until Sorenson stepped in at the end and threw a touchdown pass to Ben Levine to prevent a shutout.

The Hawks seemed to have their game plan, fundamentals and their overall mindset ready before, during and after the game. They also made sure they took all of those key components away from Evanston in the first quarter.

The first half seemed to be an eternity, as there were many long stoppages that caused the half to last a full two hours. Injuries, penalties and turnovers were the main causes of the pauses in a half the Kits wanted to end as soon as possible.

By then the Hawks seemed to have the game in hand and rested all of their starters at various points in the second half.

The Kits’ next challenge will be against New Trier in Winnetka on Oct. 3, and then the Kits come home for homecoming on Oct.11 against Niles West. Hopefully Evanston can make a late push for some badly needed victories.