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Election Day was a turning point in our nation’s history, as we elected the first African-American president of the United States. The election restored excitement and hope to a dispirited country.

The heart of Barack Obama’s message was that we are one people – that in the United States of America black, white, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, young and old can transcend their differences. Rejecting divisiveness, he reached out to everyone and called for us to work together.

As the election results show, millions are embracing Mr. Obama’s expansive vision.

While too often of late our national politics has thrived on factionalism and fear, the presidential campaign ended in a new spirit of inclusiveness. Voters who heard Senator John McCain’s gracious concession speech hope it may presage an era of bipartisan collaboration.

Cooperation will be needed if the nation is to face the economic turmoil, the devastation of war and the collapse of confidence in our justice system that now prevail.

Already President-elect Obama has made it clear that government cannot do it all. Personal sacrifice and deferred dreams may be the hallmarks of the new order. There is much to be done; sharing the work will ease the burden.