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Listen up, America!

We have raised our voices

and have been heard.

“Sometime in the future”

has become “Now!”

and We the People

stand newly united

in purpose and promise.

One among us has dared to say,

“Yes, we can,”

words echoing and re-echoing

across the land,

urging all of us

to reclaim our dreams

and make our country whole.

Listen up, America!

“We the People”

which from the beginning

defined our nation,

finally defines all of us.

A new reality lifts our heads high,

telling the world

its “City on the Hill”

has regenerated itself

as a true democracy –

one in which differences can be


and any challenge can be met.

Listen up, America!

He did not say “Yes, I can!”

He said, “Yes, we can!”

We the People

are being told – and shown –

by one among us

that government is us,

that what we make of ourselves

can be gift to our country and one


We are responsible for who we are

and what we become.

Ours is a free world, we a free people.

But freedom is never free,

nor is democracy.

Now is the time, he says,

to pay the price;

to become –

for one another and all the world –

the People who we say we are.

Listen up, America!