Four persons have turned in their petitions to be candidates for the next mayor of Evanston: Barnaby Dinges, Jeanne Lindwall, Stuart Opdycke and Elizabeth Tisdahl. Two others, Matt Gleason and Simon Ribeiro, have also taken out mayoral-candidate packets, according to the City Clerk’s office.

If all persons who have taken out packets for City or School Board elections file them on time, the field will look like this:

Mayor: Barnaby Leonhardt Dinges, Matt Gleason, Jeanne Lindwall, Stuart Opdycke, Simon Ribeiro and Seventh Ward Alderman Elizabeth Tisdahl.

City Clerk: Rodney Greene

Township Assessor: Sharon Eckersall (incumbent) and Bonnie Wilson

Township Supervisor: Patricia Vance (incumbent)

Alderman: First Ward: Judy Fiske and Cheryl Wollin (incumbent)

Second Ward: Lionel Jean-Baptiste (incumbent)

Third Ward: Melissa Wynne (incumbent)

Fourth Ward: Elliot Dudnik, Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Susan Felts, Howard Hartenstein and Donald Wilson

Fifth Ward: Adrian Dortch and Delores Holmes (incumbent)

Sixth Ward: Christopher Hart, Ralph Hovnanian, Mark Sloane and Mark Tendam

Seventh Ward: Jane Grover, Kevin O’Conner, Tony Schlax, Junad Rizki and John Zbesko

Eighth Ward: Ann Rainey (incumbent)

Ninth Ward: Coleen Burrus, Michael Drennan, Thorsten Ericksen and Ellen King

Others who had filed their petitions with the City Clerk as of Dec. 8 were aldermanic hopefuls Ald. Wollin and Ms. Fiske (1st Ward); Ald. Wynne (3rd Ward); Mr. Wilson (4th Ward); Ald. Holmes and Mr. Dortch (5th Ward); Mr. Hart and Mr. Sloane (6th Ward); Ms. Grover and Mr. Zbesko (7th Ward); Ald. Rainey (8th Ward) and Ms. Burrus (9th Ward).

City Clerk Rodney Greene said if the number of candidates is more than four times the number of vacancies for an office, there will be a primary election for that office in February, 2009.

For School Board elections, the
following persons have picked up packets, according to information from each School District:

District 202 School Board: Martha Burns (incumbent), Deborah Graham, Rachel Hayman (incumbent) and Missy Fleming (incumbent)

District 65 School Board: Jessica Clarke, Andrew Pigozzi (incumbent) and Jerome Summers (incumbent).