The Candidate Nominating Committee will interview candidates for the District 65 and 202 School Boards at forums starting at 7 p.m. on Feb. 11 and 12 in room A21 in the Art Wing of Evanston Township High School. After the interviews each evening, CNC delegates will decide whether to “endorse” or “not endorse” candidates, using Rensis Likert’s five-level scale (strongly agree to strongly disagree). The scale is new for CNC. In order for a candidate to be endorsed, he or she must earn no less than 16 of 25 possible points. CNC’s goal is to identify knowledgeable, dedicated and committed people to serve on the School Boards. CNC is comprised of ten delegations corresponding to School District 65’s school attendance areas. Evanston residents may serve on a delegation, based on home address or the area in which their child attends school. To learn more about CNC or to volunteer to become a delegatecontact CNC at