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Public Works director John Burke will leave his position at the City of Evanston this month to return to consulting work in his native New England. As director of transportation and then of public works, Mr. Burke helped oversee several major street-repair and resurfacing projects for the City, including the McCormick Boulevard and Ridge Avenue projects. “[Repairing] the streets was a major challenge,” Mr. Burke told the RoundTable. “When I came in, the City really wanted to maintain streets. We focused on the arterials – Dempster Street, Asbury Avenue, Lake Street and Sheridan Road.” In addition, Mr. Burke said he enjoyed working with the Parking Committee on “automating the downtown garage facilities, managing them all remotely from the Sherman Avenue garage.” Mr. Burke received a standing ovation from the City Council at the Jan. 26 meeting, his last as a public official of Evanston – and a groan spread through the audience at the announcement of his leaving. Interim City Manager Rolanda Russell said Mr. Burke has the “rare ability to combine technical expertise with customer service.” Although no appointment has been made to replace Mr. Burke, he said the City is “working on a transition plan.”