City Clerk Rodney Greene and Cook County Elections official Befekadu Retta watch as voting precinct judges hand in voting data on Tuesday night.

Updated Seventh Ward Alderman Elizabeth Tisdahl will be the next mayor of Evanston. Unofficial totals from the office of Cook County Clerk David Orr show that she received 6,400 votes – about 62 percent of the some 10,000 votes cast in yesterday’s election.

Three other candidates were in the mayoral race: Stuart Opdycke, Barnaby Dinges and Jeanne Kamps Lindwall. Unofficial totals from the Country Clerk’s office showed Mr. Opdycke with 1,803 votes, Mr. Dingers with 1,284 votes and Ms. Lindwall with 820 votes. 


The unofficial results from the County Clerks offices also show the following results in other Evanston election contests:

In the First Ward, challenger Judy Fiske defeated incumbent Cheryl Wollin.

In the Fourth Ward, where Alderman Steve Bernstein is retiring, Donald Wilson appears to have won out over Howard Hartenstein and Elliot Dudnik.

In the Fifth Ward, incumbent Alderman Delores Holmes retained her seat against challenger Adrian Dortch.

In the Sixth Ward, where Alderman Edmund Moran is retiring, Mark Tendam is the winner over Mark Sloane and Christopher Hart.

In the Seventh Ward Jane Grover will replace retiring alderman and newly elected mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, having defeated John Zbesko and Kevin O’Connor.

In the Ninth Ward, where Alderman Anjana Hansen is retiring, Coleen Burrus is the winner over Michael Drennan and Mimi Peterson.

Township Assessor Sharon Eckersall appears lost to challenger Bonnie Wilson.

At School District 65, the results are very close, with incumbents Jerome Summers and Andrew Pigozzi looking like they will retain their seats, to be joined by Tracy Quattrocki and Kim Weaver.

Official results will not be available for a few weeks, after absentee ballots are counted and the canvassing board has met to validate totals.

Below are the results obtained from the Cook County Clerk’s website,


(I) denotes incumbent


Mayor (Replacing Mayor Lorraine Morton, retiring)

70 of 70 precincts


Elizabeth Tisdahl                               6,400                         62.09%

Jeanne Kamps Lindwall           820                           7.95%                   

Barnaby Dinges                    1,284                         12.44%                   

Stuart Opdycke                     1,803                         17.17%                   

Write-ins                                     12                             .12 percent         

Total                                        10,319

City Clerk: Rodney Green (I), no contest

First Ward Alderman

(6 of 6 precincts)

Cheryl Wollin (I)       388          37.27%

Judy Fiske            649          62.34%

Write-ins                      4              .38 percent

Total 1,041

Second Ward

No contest, Alderman Lionel Jean-Baptiste

Third Ward

No contest, Alderman Melissa Wynne

Fourth Ward Alderman (Replacing Steve Bernstein, retiring)

(7 of 7 precincts)


Donald N. Wilson                  560          51.38%

Howard Hartenstein                245          22.48%

Elliott Dudnik                            283          25.96%

Write-ins                                      2              .18%

Total 1,090


Fifth Ward Alderman

(7 of 7 precincts)


Delores Holmes (I)              473          75.32%

Adrian Dortch                          154          24.52%

Write-in                                        1              .16%

Total 627

Sixth Ward Alderman, (Replacing Edmund Moran, Jr., retiring)

(10 of 10 precincts)

Christopher Hart      493          23.33%

Mark Sloane            759          35.92%

Mark Tendam       861          40.75%

Total 2,113

Seventh Ward Alderman (Replacing Elizabeth Tisdahl, mayoral candidate)

(9 of 9 precincts)

Jane Grover          918          59.19%

John Zbesko           499          32.17%

Kevin O’Connor       132            8.51%

Write-ins                      2              .13%

Total 1,551

Eighth Ward Alderman

No contest: Alderman Ann Rainey


Ninth Ward Alderman (Replacing Anjana Hansen, retiring)

(7 of 7 precincts)


Coleen Burrus     713          59.27%

Mimi Peterson          334           27.76%

Michael Drennan     154          12.80%

Write-ins                      2              .17%

Total 1,201

Township Supervisor: Patricia Vance (I), no contest

Township Assessor

70 of 70 precincts

Sharon Strobeck Eckersall      2,442       28.15%

Bonnie Wilson                      6,222        71.73%

Write-ins                                       10            .12%

Total 8,674

School District 65

81 of 81 precincts

Andrew Pigozzi (incumbent)                  4,861       18.63%

Tracy Quattrocki                                     6,719       25.75%

Jerome R. Summers (incumbent)            4,893       18.75%

Christopher Hawker                                4,631       17.75%

Kim Weaver                                             4,929       18.89%

School District 202

No Contest: Martha Burns, Deborah Graham, Rachel Haymen, and Gretchen Livingston.