City Clerk Rodney Greene and Cook County Election official Befekadu Retta watch as voting precinct judges hand in voting data on April 7.

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When the newly elected City Council first meets in May, it will have a very different look. Five new members will be seated. Following is a rundown of aldermanic elections (Note: all voting totals are unofficial until Cook County certifies the results on April 28):

First Ward

Judy Fiske defeated Cheryl Wollin in a rematch of the 2005 election for this very seat. Ms. Fiske was a vocal opponent of the 708 Church St. Tower; Ms. Wollin supports the Tower. Many residents of the First Ward, including residents of condos near or adjacent to the proposed (and now approved) Tower, were not registered voters in 2005. That, along with a perceived drop in Northwestern student participation this time around probably led to Ms. Fiske’s victory with 649 out of 1,037 votes cast (63 percent) that came despite Ms. Wollin’s endorsement by U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky, Illinois Senator Jeff Schoenberg, State Representative Julie Hamos, Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, Mayor Lorraine Morton and others.

The Democratic Party of Evanston, while not officially endorsing anyone in the non-partisan municipal elections, sent out a reminder that certain candidates were members and included Ms. Wollin on that list.

In 2005, 1,391 persons voted in the First Ward aldermanic race, roughly 25 percent more than this year.

Second Ward

Lionel Jean-Baptiste ran unopposed, and returns to represent the Second Ward.

Third Ward

Melissa Wynne ran unopposed, and returns to represent the Third Ward.

Fourth Ward

Donald Wilson, who received the endorsement of Ms. Schakowsky and Ms. Hamos, easily prevailed over Howard Hartenstein and Elliot Dudnik with 660 of 1,088 votes (52 percent). Mr. Wilson replaces the retiring Steven J. Bernstein. In 2005, 931 persons voted in this ward.

Fifth Ward

Delores Holmes cruised to re-election, winning 473 of the 627 votes cast (75 percent), over Adrian Dortch. When Ms. Holmes won in 2005, 821 votes were cast.

Sixth Ward

Mark Tendam will take over for the retiring Edmund B. Moran, Jr., winning a 3-way battle over Mark Slone and Christopher Hart. Mr. Tendam received the endorsement of Ms. Schakowsy, Ms. Hamos, Mr. Suffredin, Ms. Morton, and was on the list of DPOE members. Mr. Moran, however, endorsed Mr. Hart, and Central Street Neighbors endorsed Mr. Sloane.

The unofficial tally: Mr. Tendam, 861(41 percent); Mr. Sloane, 759 (36 percent); and Mr. Hart, 493 (23 percent) of 2,113 votes cast. In 2005, 2,388 voted.

Seventh Ward

Jane Grover replaces Elizabeth Tisdahl after winning a three-way battle over John Zbesko and Kevin O’Connor. Ms. Grover received 918 of 1,549 votes (59 percent) to Mr. Zbesko’s 499 (32 percent) and Mr. O’Connor’s 132 (9 percent). Elected officials split their endorsements in this race, with Rep. Hamos, Mayor Morton, several aldermen and the Central Street Neighbors backing Ms. Grover, while Comm. Suffredin backed Mr. Zbesko, who was also on the list of DPOE members.Eighth Ward

Ann Rainey ran unopposed, but won with 540 votes as opposed to 1,039 – or nearly half the total last time around.

Ninth Ward

Colleen Burrus replaces a retiring Anjana Hansen after taking 713 of 1,201 votes (60 percent). Mimi Peterson finished second with 334 votes (28 percent), and Michael Drennan third with 154 (13 percent). Ms. Burrus enjoyed the endorsement of major elected officials, including Ald. Hansen.