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Interim City Manager Rolanda B. Russell appointed Martin Lyons as Assistant City Manager, a position he assumed on March 23.

Mr. Lyons replaces Assistant City Manager Judy Aiello, who retired last May. He will assist the City Manager’s Office managerial team with professional, budgetary, finance, and administrative operations. He will coordinate budget planning, human resources, finance, information technology, and library services for the City.

Ms. Russell stated, “Marty is a strategic thinker and will continue to carefully guide the City’s budget in a positive direction. I would like to thank Doug Gaynor and Joellen Daley who accepted temporary assignments to assist me in the City Manager’s Office after 80 percent of the senior level staff retired last year. They will return to their previous positions effective April 12.”

Mr. Lyons said he is “very excited to have the opportunity” to work in the position of Assistant City Manager. He added, “The City is still trying to save on administrative costs. We’re not looking for a replacement for finance director. We’re very much committed to hold open vacancies and continue to our cost-saving measures. We won’t [skimp] on police and fire but we’re being very careful. …”

Asked whether Evanston would be affected by the recent action by Moody’s Investor’s Service to downgrade many municpalities throughout the country, Mr. Lyons said he did not think there would be much difference. “We’re not affected by Moody’s. … Moody’s is looking at the real world and realizing that a lot of bonds aren’t as valuable as they used to be.”

Mr. Lyons also said the City is not planning to issue bonds until the fall, at which time they could approach investors directly. He also said the City has an Aa1 rating from Moody’s and an AAA rating from Fitch.