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The City of Evanston and the Public Art Committee will host the public art dedication for the city’s newest sculpture “Conversations: Here and Now” by Indira Freitas Johnson at 3 p.m. on May 10 in Raymond Park, on the corner of Chicago Avenue and Grove Street.

The family of Isabel Alvarez MacLean commissioned the sculpture, to honor her mother, all moms and the citizens of Evanston.  A long-time resident of Evanston, Ms. MacLean lived in the Raymond Park neighborhood,

The sculpture, “Conversations: Here and Now,” consists of a central space that is empty yet full of possibility. This space is created by a circular arrangement of seven chairs intricately carved with words and symbols that are the result of community conversations representative of Evanston’s rich history, its diverse customs and ethnicities, its creative energy and its collective hopes and dreams as recognized by its residents.

Ms. Johnson says, “I hope that ‘Conversations: Here and Now’ will become a place of living memory and raise awareness of the diverse cultural histories that have enriched and influenced Evanston.”