Chute students returning to school after the "all clear" was given.

     Posted April 30, 2:30 Chute Middle School was evacuted this morning after the school received an anonymous bomb threat.  “Consistent with the Chute School and District crisis plan, the school immediately responded by calling 911 and began an all-school evacuation to Oakton and Dawes schools, which are Chute’s alternate sites,” said Pat Markham, communications director for the District. Most students were bused, but some walked to Dawes School under staff supervision.


     Evanston Police arrived on the site and secured the perimeter. The Cook County Bomb Squad arrived with dogs to search the school building. At approximately 1:45, the bomb squad determined the building was safe for students and staff to return, said the District in a prepared statement. 

    Students returned to school in time for the end-of-the day dismissal.