The new D65 School Board, left to right, Tracy Quattrocki, Katie Bailey, Andrew Pigozzi, Keith Terry, Bonnie Lockhart, Kim Weaver and Jerome Summers

Incumbents Andrew Pigozzi and Jerome Summers and newly elected Tracy Quattrocki and Kim Weaver were sworn in as members of the District 65 School Board for four year terms at a reorganizational meeting of the Board on May 4. They join Katie Bailey, Bonnie Lockhart, and Keith Terry on the Board.

 As its first order of business the newly constituted Board unanimously elected Keith Terry as Board president and Jerome Summers as vice-president. The Board also unanimously elected Patricia Markham as secretary of the Board and Mary Brown as treasurer of the District. The elections were all uncontested.

In accord with Board rules, Mr. Terry submitted his name for the position of president in a letter to the Board. In his letter Mr. Terry said, if he were elected president of the Board he would continue to respect the opinions of fellow Board members and others who seek a hearing before the Board, and he would work with his fellow Board members to set a productive agenda that serves the entire community.

 Mr. Terry’s letter appears in the online edition of the RoundTable.

April 24, 2009

Dear Fellow School Board Members,

I am respectfully asking you to support my candidacy for President of the District 65 School Board. It would be my honor if you would entrust me with this responsibility and lend your support. As you know, Evanston thrives because it values the many different cultures, interests, strengths and unique qualities of its residents. How we educate our young people is vital, and speaks to who we are as a community. Evanston deserves a school board that shares this belief and works effectively together to realize its goals…I believe we do.

When I look back on my two years on the School Board, I have witnessed some truly exceptional

moments that make me proud. Our children continue to improve academically based on the indices required by law. We have some of the best teachers, students and schools in the state. Our district’s financial budget management acumen continues to be recognized as the “best” in the state and the Board has remained productive even when it may have different viewpoints. With that said, there have been moments that have left me deeply saddened. As I hope you would agree, the loss of life is difficult whether it is that of a child or teacher.

Going forward, if elected President of the District 65 School Board:

• I will continue to respect the opinions of my fellow board members and others who seek a

hearing before the board

• I will be sensitive to the input from every board member to ensure that everyone has a voice

• I will run our board meetings as effectively and efficiently as possible being always mindful of

fellow board members and the Administration’s time

• I will seek to move board information to an electronic format. I believe it will help us to refer

back to past information provided which will promote easier decision making while reducing the

expense associated with our paper packets

• I will work with my fellow board members to set a productive agenda that serves our entire


• I will work with every School Board member to ensure the effective implementation of our

strategic plan.

Like you, I want Evanston and Skokie to have successful schools live up to our ideals. I want all of the students in this district to achieve excellence. The expectations for public education have increased significantly -and in a globalizing economy, higher academic achievement is a necessity. It is going to take a productive School Board and Administration to meet those expectations. I am ready to serve and thank you for your consideration.


Keith D. Terry

Larry Gavin

Larry Gavin was a co-founder of the Evanston RoundTable in 1998 and assisted in its conversion to a non-profit in 2021. He has received many journalism awards for his articles on education, housing and...