The map shows the location of reported gun shots or man with a gun calls in 2008. The map was prepared by the Evanston Police Department.

There was a shoot-out in the 1900 block of

Emerson Street

between two groups over dope and cocaine deals at about on May 21, Chief Richard Eddington told a group of about 40 residents at a Fifth Ward meeting held at Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center last night. Chief Eddington said the shoot-out ratcheted up the level of violence because in this incident two groups were firing at each other. “What is particularly disturbing is the number of rounds fired,” he said.


A police officer, while on patrol, heard gunshots coming from

Dodge Avenue


Emerson Street

, said Commander James Pickett in a prepared statement.  As the officer approached the area, several residents reported shooting taking place in the south alley of 1900 Emerson. The officer heard an additional shots while approaching the alley.


Residents described a vehicle that had left the area, and police subsequently spotted the vehicle going northbound on Dodge. During an ensuing pursuit, the vehicle reached estimated speeds of 60-70 miles per hour, and police terminated the pursuit due to the speed. Shortly afterwards, two persons fled from the vehicle, one of whom was apprehended. The vehicle was subsequently stopped in Skokie and the driver charged with felony charges of aggravated fleeing and eluding a police officer, said the Commander.


Police recovered six spent shell casings in the area of 1911 Emerson St. Bullets damaged two parked vehicles and also two residences. No one was inured during the shooting. Police are continuing their investigation, said the Commander.




Larry Gavin

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