Evanston police lined up in front of the police station on Police Appreciation Day.

The Evanston Police Department Chaplain/Clergy Team honored the dedication and commitment of Evanston police officers on May 20 as part of National Police Appreciation Month. Rabbi Dov Hillel Klein said, “Today we are recognizing the heroes of Evanston. We have an incredible police department. Our officers are the best of the best. …You put your lives on the line for us every single day. You put yourselves in harms way every single day. … Over the last six months, we’ve had people attack our officers with lethal weapons. This type of violence must come to an end.”


Father Robert Oldershaw said, “As we gather today on Police Appreciation Day to give thanks to all who serve, we take this opportunity to honor our fallen heroes. …It requires us to be grateful to honor those who place their lives on the line every day, every shift.”


Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl, in her first proclamation as mayor, declared May 20 as Evanston Police Day. “The public salutes the police officers in our community and across the nation,” she said.