Waiting for smoke signals before the closed door.

At the June 22 City Council meeting, the City Council plans to appoint Walter J. Bobkiewicz III as the next City Manager, according to a press release from the City. Mr. Bobkiewicz is currently the City Manager of Santa Paula, Calif., a position he has held since 2002.

Mr. Bobkiewicz grew up in the Chicago suburbs and has a bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree in public administration from Syracuse University, according to the City’s statement.

“We are very excited about Wally’s appointment. We were all extremely impressed with his proven leadership and management abilities, his financial skills and his warm, engaging personal style,” said Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl. “Two members of the City Council, Alderman Ann Rainey and Alderman Mark Tendam, visited Mr. Bobkiewicz’s community and interviewed his current elected officials, his staff and other community leaders. They were able to confirm everything we saw in the interviews and more.”

According to the City’s statement, Mr. Bobkiewicz has a strong background in economic development and in volunteer service. His annual salary will be $185,000. He will begin work on Aug. 3 and will reside in Evanston.