Although crime is what usually grabs media attention, most eyes this week were focused on the aftermath, as a south Evanston neighborhood group came to the aid of a carjacking victim. Stephen Walker, a pizza-delivery man for Papa John’s on

Benson Avenue

, was making a delivery on

Clyde Avenue

last weekend when two men attacked him, stole his money and took his car.


A witness to the crime, Omar Gutiérrez, called 911 but found himself even more deeply involved in the event. Waiting to observe a lineup of possible suspects at the Evanston police station and requested by police not to discuss the crime, he and Mr. Walker talked about their lives.


Mr. Gutiérrez was so moved by Mr. Walker’s loss of the money and the car and the uncertainty of his job that he asked his neighbors to help. Through a website “

Clyde Ave.

neighbors care!” and through e-mails, by word-of-mouth and with a lot of media attention, the neighbors raised about $15,000 locally and from around the globe. On  June 9, the neighbors gathered to present a check to Mr. Walker “for your shiny new car,” Mr. Gutiérrez told him.