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Trashbusters 2009

A Citywide Success


Keep Evanston Beautiful, Inc. would like to thank the various groups from all over Evanston for their participation in the month-long annual Trashbusters 2009 event in April.  The volunteer groups picked up trash from public walkways, parks, school grounds, and other sites.  They worked hard to help keep Evanston a beautiful place. 

The groups that registered with KEB and participated in Trashbusters Month this year were Beth Emet Synagogue; Boo Coo; St. Athanasius Church; Canal Park Neighbors; Evanston Running Club; Boys Hope Girls Hope; Kingsley School students and its Girl Scouts troop; Cub Scouts; and Oakton School students and parents.  To the many other groups who participated but did not register, thank you for keeping Evanston Beautiful.

–Davidson Ream, Chair,

2009 Trashbusters Committee


About the Dawes Mansion


As a lifelong Evanston resident, I am overjoyed at the recent announcement that Northwestern University will, within a few weeks, turn over the deed to the Charles Gates Dawes mansion to the Evanston History Center. What a grand gesture!

Thank you, Northwestern, and thank you, too, President Henry Bienen and vice president Gene Sunshine for recognizing how important this property is to our cultural heritage.

To Marge Wold and Jim Staples who labored tirelessly and patiently, well done!
Northwestern had every legal right to do with this property as they saw fit, but they decided to put the citizens of Evanston first. This magnanimous act shall not soon be forgotten. Kudos to everyone.

n      Stuart Opdycke


Every Child and Many Others Left Behind


Our legislators in Springfield have voted on a 50% cut to services across our state.  Who will bear the brunt of $7.5 billion in cuts? Education, child care, health clinics, substance abuse prevention and treatment, domestic violence and sexual assault programs, youth services, senior services, and the list goes on. The human cost resulting from these cuts is staggering, as is the cost to our communities. Without child care, how do parents work?  How is every child ready for kindergarten without preschool?  How do seniors stay in their homes without services? And we do this knowing full well that money spent now in these critical services saves money in the long run. 

The impact here at home is palpable and equally as dire.  Faced with a 50% cut in state support, the YWCA Evanston/North Shore will be faced with some very tough decisions: do we close our shelter, the only one in the area serving over 200 women and children annually, forcing them to stay in unsafe homes where their lives are in danger; unplug our crisis line phones that respond to 2,000 cries for help each year; or shut our doors to the  more than 100 women from the community who come to us terrified their abusers will discover they are reaching out for help with safety planning, resources and support? Clearly, there are no good choices.

Illinois legislators do have a clear choice: vote yes to raising desperately needed revenue by increasing our state income tax (Illinois already ranks 42nd nationally for spending on public/human services and 48th in the nation in its tax burden). We cannot balance the budget on the backs of those who need help the most. We must have the will to do better for all our citizens. Please act now and call your representatives to urge them to support a state income tax increase. In the end, the question we must all ask is what kind of state do we want to live in?

–Karen Singer, Executive Director, YWCA Evanston/North Shore


Oriole Fan


I enjoyed Libby Hill’s article on the return of the Baltimore Oriole, but she’s traveling much farther than she needs to in order to see them singing at the Lagoons.  I see them from my kayak every year, singing from treetops over the North Shore Channel to mark nesting territories right here in Evanston.

–Ryan Chew, Chicago River

Canoe & Kayak