State Representative Julie Hamos chats with Washington School students in Springfield.

Washington Elementary School,

914 Ashland Ave.

, was among the more than 100 schools statewide that participated in the TECH 2009 Students for the Information Age event on April 30 at the Illinois State Capitol Building in Springfield.

As one group out of nearly 100 from Illinois schools, fourth-graders Adriana Gomez, Sean Linehan, Alana Walker, and Leila Lemieux-Jordan, along with fourth-grade teacher Tom Erf, showed the public and elected members of the Illinois State Senate and the House of Representatives how technology is being used in the classroom to improve achievement. 

Their project, “OurGeoMap — Using Google My Maps to Study the Continents,” was developed as a grade-level collaboration with PTA-sponsored digital artist-in-residence, Mindy Faber. The fourth grade classrooms of Mrs. Kelly De Rosa, Mrs. Heidy Hammond, Ms. Colleen Kelly, and Mr. Erf for six weeks as each class studied a different continent. Students learned how to add information about various countries to a shared My Map in Google Maps and share the knowledge and skills they had gained.

This is the third consecutive year that students from District 65 were selected to participate.  Superintendent Hardy Murphy said he is pleased and excited about Washington School‘s participation in Tech 2009 because “the students will have an opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of technology-mediated instruction, how it engages them, and brings new meaning to their learning.”