Along Green Bay Road just north and south of Central Street, the City is conducting a “test study” of four different kinds of energy-efficient lights.

Tom Twigg, senior traffic engineer for the City, told the RoundTable the City hopes to make the Davit-arm street-lights both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient.

There are 24 lights, six each from four different companies, he said: north and south of Central Street and north and south of Jenks Street.

Two of the companies make LED lighting and two make induction lighting.

Clif Brown said in a letter to the RoundTable, “The lights are now … so bright that it is very difficult to look at them directly. They project light down, and are much easier on the eyes of approaching drivers.”

This measure follows the City’s putting induction lighting in the Tallmadge poles a few years ago, Mr. Twigg said.