Now that spring has come and gone (That was spring, wasn’t it?) maybe we can find something else to talk about other than the weather. But not just yet.

The way weather has been coming at us this past stretch of time makes me think that Mother Nature is doing a powerful job of getting our attention about matters important to her and to all of us. Whether simply cyclical or the impact of global warming, what we are experiencing weather-wise does not feel normal. There seems a kind of anger in the atmosphere and a concern or even fear in many of us that our world, the way we know it, is at risk.

That is not all bad. Raising one’s consciousness about living green and taking better care of the environment – and earth itself – is not only necessary but vital to today and certainly to the future. Big issues, like the meltdown of our polar caps, make headlines but the kind of changes necessary are the little things all of us can do or cease doing because of that consciousness. Our individual green choices may never make headlines but, cumulatively, they might help Mother Nature calm down.

Then there is the weather. What would we do without it? The frying-pan days of summer are upon us with hardly an April downpour in sight. More than likely, our weather will continue to be erratic until we get the message and, most importantly, do something about it..

In the meantime, it cannot hurt to be reminded:

Whether the weather is sunny or cold,

Steamy or frigid it never gets old

In fact it makes news every day of the year.

Whether it’s foggy or whether it’s clear,

Tornadoes or t-storms, hurricane blasts,

Weather will weather as long as time lasts.

But weather, like life, can be full of surprises

Like rainbows, soft sunsets and silken sunrises.

Weather and change are two of a kind,

Both play with your day as well as your mind.

But weather is worse, its impact so great,

You can’t do a thing about weather you hate.

Change? You can always finesse your way through

But not weather, my friend, since all you can do,

Whether you’re freezing or melting away,

Is weather the weather day after day.