This house of sand really rocks. It won "Best Family Effort" for Sienna, Skylar and Kate Altay.

Maybe it was the cool, dry evening or just the sheer joy of playing in the water, but nearly every creation at City’s annual sandcastle/sculpture contest had a moat.


This year’s contest was held on July 13 at Clark Street Beach. There were no official “rules,” but builders used pails, cans, shovels and other tools brought from home, as well as feathers and rocks found on the beach.


Brett Pettinger, lakefront supervisor, and a crew of lifeguards surveyed the sandy kingdoms and, just after sundown, announced the winners:


Best Overall Castle: David Rotter

Largest Castle: Michael and Murphy, Tommy and Mickey Haughey

Best Family Effort: Kate Altay and daughters Skylar and Sienna


Go to the homepage to watch a video on the sandsculpture contest.