The well travelled fisherman is back from his United Kingdom adventure. I can only say that both from fishing and a scenic point of view, the English Lakes region and the Scottish Highlands should be on everyone’s list of places to go sometime in their life.

Although some people may disagree, summer is here in Evanston. This time of year more people are out there fishing with family and friends so I thought I’d pass along a suggestion on how to get a few more fish on the end of your line. With the warm water, gamefish are moving about looking for their daily meals, walleyes are chasing young perch, bass are looking for schools of bait fish, and northerns are checking out the deep water points.

A lot of our lakes, like the Skokie Lagoons, the Fox Chain-of-Lakes, and Lake Geneva have well-developed deep weedlines where all of these fish will be during this season, looking for a meal. The weedlines can be anywhere from 4′ to 5′ deep to as much as 20′ deep on real clear lakes, but usually you can figure around 10′ deep for most weedlines. Early morning or late afternoon, and on overcast days fishing across the tops of these beds will produce some nice catches. You can use spinner baits or shallow running hard baits to work the tops of the weeds, and if you can define the edge, fishing a deeper running hard bait along the outside edge can be very effective, especially for some of the bigger fish.

The guys I know who fish these lakes all said if they only had one bait to work on a weedline they would use a jig, tipped either with a soft plastic or live bait. I would agree and recommend you try a 5″ or 7″ Glup! Worm from Berkley on as small a jig as you need for the depth you want to fish, across the weed tops 1/16 oz. to maybe 1/8 oz. jig, deeper drops along the edge maybe a 3/16 oz. jig. If you’re leaning toward live bait, minnows are your best choice. Look for a larger size this time of year, fished on a weedless jig so you’re not snagging all the time.

Get out there and try a little weedline fishing during these summer months and try these techniques to improve your catch rate. Until next time, keep a tight line.

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