At the 124th Annual Meeting of the McGaw YMCA, held on June 30, board member Vickie Burke was awarded the inaugural McGaw YMCA Alice Kreiman Award for board excellence.  This recognition is given to a current or former McGaw YMCA board member who, among other traits, has demonstrated a commitment to effective non-profit governance and appreciation for leadership in board governance, has effectively served on one or more other Evanston non-profit boards, and is recognized by others in the community as an advocate for the non-profit organizations he/she serves.

In addition to her many leadership roles in the McGaw YMCA, Ms. Burke has been president of the Woman’s Club of Evanston, has been active with the Evanston Community Foundation and with the Evanston Hospital holistic cancer center, as well as many other community organizations. In all of them she has exhibited the dedication and traits that Alice Kreiman, the second female YMCA board chair, brought to the Y and to the Evanston community. 

Ms. Burke and retiring board chair John Peterson welcomed eight new board members: Kristin Brown, Betsi Burns, Elena Garcia Ansani, Rejii Hayes, Kirk Hoopingarner, Michael Walker, Matt Walsh and Eric Witherspoon.