A power outage that occurred at about noon on July 28 affected 4,878 customers in Evanston, Jeff Burvick, Commonwealth Edison spokesperson told the RoundTable. Mr. Burvick said he could not delineate the geographic area affected, but other sources told the RoundTable that residences and businesses along Main Street near Chicago Avenue and extending north toward Dempster Street had lost electric power.

The outage began at 11:58 a.m., Mr. Burvick said, and power was restored to 1,500 customers by 12:52 p.m., to another 2,200 customers by 1:05 p.m., and to the balance of the customers by 1:42 p.m.

The power was lost because of a problem with a 34 KV line, a high capacity distribution line, Mr. Burvick said. At the July 31 Energy Commission meeting, Interim Community Development Director Dennis Marino said a ComEd representative told the City that “a 34 KV line faulted when it was carrying another KV line that had faulted.” Mr. Marino said he did not know how ComEd might classify the outage “but I assume it will be as an ‘underground failure. …The line that faulted had a good track record – only one other problem in five years.”

Mr. Marino added that the City has asked for more information about the outage. The Energy Commission has been putting pressure on ComEd to conduct an inventory of its underground power lines.