– Seems like Alaska was not big enough for Sarah Palin. Cannot help wondering what might be.

– Buehrle’s No-No: What a perfect ending to a perfect game!

– Never have the words been truer: “Summer will be gone before we know it.”

– Is it still too early for Michael sightings? Conspiracies to follow?

– The Hubble telescope has been worth every million (aka penny) spent on it.

– I wish I had Lance Armstrong’s legs – or just his knees.

– Downtown Evanston on a summer’s evening is a delicious treat.

– Can hardly wait for the surprises Pat Fitzgerald’s NU Wildcats have in store for us.

– Wish there were a video of the altercation between Professor Gates and Sgt. Crowley. We might, all of us, learn much from seeing it.

– Aren’t those anti-aging ads oxymoronic?

– If the Supreme Court adds another Catholic, should we call the Chief Justice “Your Holiness?”

– We might not have that obesity problem if we were all daily newspapers. Because of the economy and even more seriously, the Internet, they are becoming more anorexic every day.

– The Cubbies are doing it again, at least at the moment: filling the balloon of our hopes to the point of – what else? – bursting,

– The Burr Oaks Cemetery scam has given new meaning to the word obscenity. Have been wondering where in the world are the Waldos who perpetrated it.

– Am I the only one who thinks Hollywood is making more comic books than real movies lately and that special effects are becoming as predictable as “Bam!” “Pow!” “Ka-Boom!”?    

– Barry Bonds? Roger Clemens? Sammy Sosa?  Are they simply yesterday’s news, or did steroids never happen to baseball?

– Finally, from what I am hearing from the Talking Heads on TV, radio commentators, and reading in  e-mails and op-ed pieces, I hope our President has read every word of the health-care reform bill currently before Congress.