After considering a run for President of the Cook County Board, Commissioner Larry Suffredin announced on Aug. 17 that he will not run for President of the Board, but will run for re-election as Commissioner of the 13th District.

Commissioner Suffredin said, “I am committed to working to get new leadership in the Office of President of the Cook County Board. I will dedicate my efforts to insuring that the reform agenda that I worked on with Congressman Mike Quigley and Commissioner Forrest Claypool is the agenda of the next President. This reform agenda of both accountability and transparency is the only way to reduce taxes.”

“First, my efforts will go to overturning President Todd Stroger’s third veto of a repeal of the County sales tax at the Board meeting on Sept. 1,” said Commissioner Suffredin. “The County is in a strong financial position and can afford to grant this tax relief. The $283 million crisis that the County faced in February 2008, when the tax was enacted, has passed. The key to solving this crisis was the establishment of an Independent Health and Hospital Board which I proposed and which has brought — for the first time– professional management to the Health and Hospital System which spends nearly $1 billion and treats almost 1 million people annually.

 “I will work to strengthen and expand the Independent Health and Hospital Board’s powers to continue system-wide reforms.”

Other issues that Commissioner Suffredin said he will be working on in the coming months include:

·        Immediate consideration and passage of the 2010 Budget with substantial cost savings;

·        Change in State law to reduce the extraordinary majority of votes now necessary to override a veto by the Board President;

·        Consolidation of the many property-tax functions in one centralized County office;

·        Full compliance with the Shakman Decree on hiring and transfers of employees;

·        Transparency on all County contracts; and

·        Continued improvement in land restoration at the Cook County Forest Preserve District and increased utilization of the Forest Preserves by our citizens.