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Parents of young children will find many after-school and weekend programs and classes available in Evanston.

On-site after-school programs vary by school, and parents are advised to check with their children’s school. City-sponsored programs are also offered at Chandler Community Center, Fleetwood Jourdain Community Center, Robert Crown Center, the Ecology Center and the main and branch libraries. After-school activities abound as well at Family Focus, the McGaw YMCA and the Evanston/North Shore YWCA.

Soccer programs, ice skating and dance classes; painting, pottery, puppetry, and piano and other music classes; and science and language classes offer a workout for feet, hands and brain, all of them playing a part in the development of mind and body.

For children not yet academically secure, Family Focus and the McGaw YMCA offer tutoring and mentoring programs, as does the INVEST program at Evanston Township High School.

The following programs
are fee-based:



Evanston Art Center,

2603 Sheridan Road

. 847-475-5300.

The Pot Shop,

1224 Chicago Ave., #101

. 847-864-7778.



A Fairytale Ballet. Classes at

2120 Lincoln St.

(St. Matthew’s Church). 773-477-4488,

Dance Center Evanston,

1934 Dempster St.

, 847-328-6683. 

Giordano Dance School,

614 Davis St.

, 847-866-9442,

Everybody Move, Inc. c/o. Dance Center Evanston,

1934 Dempster St.




Mudlark Theatre,

1417 Hinman Ave.

, 773-512-4187,

Piven Theatre Workshop. Classes at Noyes Cultural Arts Center,

927 Noyes St., #110

. 847- 866-6597.

Evanston Children’s Theatre, Meetings at the Levy Center,

300 Dodge Ave.


Actor’s Gymnasium. Classes at Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St. 847-328-2795.

Theatre Zarko. Classes at Noyes Cultural Arts Center,

927 Noyes St.



Fonseca Martial Arts,

823 ½ Chicago Ave.




Wiggleworms, Old Town School of Folk Music. Classes at St. Matthew’s Church , 2120 Lincoln St. 773-728-6000.

Music Institute of Chicago,

1490 Chicago Ave.

, 847- 905-1500.

Paul Green School of Rock Music. St. 3043

N Ashland Ave., Chicago

. 773-857-3804.

Evanston Children’s Choir. Classes at Noyes Cultural Arts Center,

927 Noyes St.

, Studio 213, 847-733-0814

The Musical Offering, 743 Custer Ave. 847-866-6260.


Evanston Ecology Center,

2024 McCormick Boulevard

. 847-448-8256.



Actor’s Gymnasium. Classes at Noyes Cultural Arts Center, 927 Noyes St. 847-328-2795.

Evanston AYSO, voicemail: 847-

Wildkits Soccer Academy, Evanston Township High School, 847-424-7000.

Wildkits Lacrosse Camp, Evanston Township High 847-424-7000.

In addition, the City of Evanston has many programs in many areas: basketball, hockey, gymnastics, golf, volleyball, ice skating and more.



McGaw YMCA, 1000 Grove St.847-475-7400.

Family Focus, 2010 Dewey Ave.
847- 475-7570.



McGaw YMCA, 1000 Grove St. 847-475-7400.

MYST swim team,

Evanston/North Shore YWCA,

1215 Church St.

847-864-8445, ext. 14.

Flying Fish:


Parents are also advised to check out their children’s PTA-sponsored after-school programs this fall, including Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts.

Public Libraries

Main Library, 1703 Orrington Ave. 847-448-8600.

South Branch,

949 Chicago Ave.

, 847-866-0333.

North Branch,

2026 Central St.

, 847-866-0330.


Community Centers

Chandler Community Center, 1028 Central St.847-448-8252.   

Fleetwood-Jourdain Community Center, 1655 Foster St. 847-448-8254.

Robert Crown Center, 1701 Main St. 847-448-8258.

Levy Activity Center, 300 Dodge Ave. 847-448-8250.