Summers and weddings – and wedding anniversaries – “go together like a horse and carriage.” A while back a friend and his wife celebrated their 50th, evoking the following verse, which these days might speak to any couple celebrating their years together.

50 Years — and Counting

More than a lifetime for many,

Half of a lifetime for few

But when it comes to measuring

a marriage

What is a couple to do?

Look back on the years behind them?

Settle into the year that is now?

Or wonder about the years ahead,

While others ask, “What?” and “How?”

What is their secret, their magical mix?

What do they hold in their

bag full of tricks?

How did they do it? How’d

they survive?

How did they keep their

young love alive?

How did they manage to last the years


What do they know that so few of us


“It’s not what or how,” they would

likely reply.

“It’s been more a matter of whether and


Whether is part of most marriages’ lives

Whether the husbands or whether the


Get what they want or give what is


Marriages thrive on the whethers


But “why”? Ah, the why! That’s the

diamond that’s shared,

That makes all the difference when

couples get paired.

Fifty years, thirty, or twenty, or two,

-It’s the why that explains how couples

get through.

Once upon dreamtime, once upon youth

He and she met in a moment of truth.

They said to each other and knew in

their heart

That life was not life when they were


Both found a love wide and deep as the


A love that’s their answer to anyone’s


“Happy Anniversary” to any and all

who are celebrating their love story this