The Sister” by Poppy Adams is an eerie first novel set in a crumbling Dorset mansion. It centers on the reunion of the two Stone sisters after 50 years and unfolds over four days as Ginny and Vivien unearth theiAr murky past.

The story is told from the point of
view of Ginny, a recluse who has been living in the old house alone since the death of her parents. Vivien, three years her junior, survived a mysterious accident when she was 8 and left for London seven years later. Ginny stayed in the home she came to regard as hers. She assisted her famous father with his research on moths and butterflies, hiding her mother’s alcolholism and later, coping with her father’s dementia.

Living in just a couple rooms, Ginny is obsessive – checking the time with a watch on each wrist and clocks around the house – and set in her ways. The arrival of her sister threatens to upset her ordered life and scientific objectivity, as questions arise about the sisters’ past – and their present motivations.

 There is something slightly sinister about Ginny, the reader is led to believe. Or is it Vivi who is sinister, come home to do harm?