Evanston condominium board members and owners are invited to a City of Evanston sponsored workshop: Condo Association and Board Training: 4 C’s for Effective Associations.  The workshop will be held from to Wednesday, September 9, 2009 at the Levy Center,

300 Dodge Avenue



Lakeside Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit housing agency, will present the workshop

The workshops will cover a range of topics, including:

  • The Condo Declaration, By-laws, and the Illinois Condominium Property Act;
  • Board responsibilities;
  • Managing the developer turn over;
  • Conducting effective meetings and resolving disputes;
  • Budgeting, reserves, and maintenance planning;
  • Assessments;
  • Dealing with foreclosures;
  • Self-management vs. management companies;
  • Responsibilities of owner/renters living in owned units;
  • Building community.

Space is limited, so call the Planning Division at 847/866-2928 to reserve a place. The cost for the City sponsored workshop is $15 per condominium association. More than one person from a condominium may attend, but reservations are required.