Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky will hold a town hall meeting at on Monday, Aug. 31, to discuss health care reform. The forum will be held at Niles West High School,

5701 Oakton St.

, in Skokie. A large turnout is expected.


At a press conference earlier this week, Congresswoman Schakowsky said, “The Democrats have been engaged in a truly serious effort for months now to try and pass health insurance reform legislation that lowers costs, protects those that have insurance and actually improves their status and provides affordable options for the uninsured and those at risk of loosing their coverage.  But the Republicans are doing nothing except saying no and spreading lies…


“The truth is health insurance reform will provide more security and new benefits to senior citizens…No senior will see any reduction in Medicare benefits whatsoever… we can’t allow them [seniors] to have to bear the burden of our broken health care system and what we want the Republicans to do is just to work with us on this serious public policy issue and not to lie and scare our seniors.”