The Evanston Community Foundation is accepting grant applications for its root2fruit grants. The foundation will make three new grants of up to $10,000 each. Grants will be for the 2010 calendar year. Each grant award is renewable for two years after the initial grant is received for a maximum award of $30,000.

The premise of root2fruit is that small and emerging organizations need technical assistance as well as funding to continue their growth as effective and sustainable organizations. Grant recipients and members of an advisory board meet on a regular basis to discuss shared issues and challenges.

The application and this year’s funding guidelines are available on the Evanston Community Foundation website at or contact the Foundation directly at 847-492-0990 to request an application. 

All applications and support materials should be delivered to the foundation office at

1007 Church Street, Suite 108

. The deadline for completed applications is 5 p.m. on Oct. 5.

Since its first grants in 2003, the Evanston Community Foundation’s
root2fruit grants initiative has invested nearly $600,000 in Evanston.

To date, 24 local organizations have benefited from this capacity building program. root2fruit “graduates” report significant increases in their budgets, fundraising capacity, and ability to
build services. root2fruit is funded with a grant to the Evanston Community Foundation from the Mammel Foundation.