Attorney and activist Jeff Smith has received endorsements from several Evanston civic leader in his run for state representative in the 18th District.

Although the supporters list is still being formed, this week the campaign says it is mailing copies of a letter of support to “thousands of primarily Evanston Democratic voters,” which, is “signed by more a dozen elected and non-elected community leaders and listing more than100 school, environmental, business and civic activists.” The letter, noting the challenges ahead in Illinois politics, and Mr. Smith’s qualifications, states that Jeff Smith is “best for the job.”

Among the signers of this letter are Mayor Elizabeth Tisdahl; former Mayor Lorraine Morton; Evanston aldermen Melissa Wynne, Jane Grover, Mark Tendam, and Lionel Jean-Baptiste; District 65 School Board president Keith Terry; former District 202 Board president Steve Gilford; former Camp Echo director and YMCA vice-president Christopher Hart; West Side activist Betty Sue Ester; affordable housing advocate Carol Balkcom; former alderman Steve Engelman; and Friends of the Civic Center leader John Kennedy.

Mr. Smith said he is “honored by the support of so distinguished and diverse a group. These are not top-down politicians, but people who have worked for years at ground-level, often as unpaid volunteers. They know the community as I do. Some are folks with whom I’ve sometimes disagreed, but who respect a thoughtful approach to issues and know that I will employ that same toolkit in trying to change Springfield.”

On August 6, Smith won the endorsement of the Northside chapter of Democracy for America (“DFA”), an all-volunteer national group founded by grassroots Democrats.