On Sunday, Sept. 13, at approximately , a blue van approached two female juveniles as they walked in the area of Oakton and Darrow. A male driver called out to the girls to get into the van. The girls refused to do so. At that point, the subject exited the van and made further statements to get the girls to enter the van. At that point, the girls began to scream for help and ran from the area. The driver is believed to have entered the van and drove away eastbound on Oakton from Darrow.


A second incident occurred on Monday, Sept. 14, at approximately A 14 yr old female was standing in front of Chute School, 1400 Oakton. She reported to police that a blue van drove up to her and motioned for her to enter the van. The teen refused to do so and went into the school to report it to school authorities. When school staff checked for the van, it was not in the area.


In both incidents, the victims described the van as blue in color, possibly a Chrysler product. No license plate information was obtained.


The driver is described as a male, possibly Hispanic, in his 30’s, approx. 5 ft. 10 in. tall and heavy build. On Sunday, the subject wore a blue/white striped shirt and blue jeans. On Monday, the victim stated that the driver was wearing a red shirt. He may have a “cross” tattoo on his left forearm. In the first incident, the victims noted the van had several crosses hanging from the rear view mirror.



·         When possible, make sure there is adult supervision around when children are going to schools or waiting for a school bus.

·         Have children walk in groups. Offenders are less likely to approach a large group of children.

·         Remind your children not to approach strange vehicles or persons they do not know. If anyone does try to speak to them or approaches them, they should run to their home, a known neighbor’s home, or a place of safety such as a school , fire station or other public area and report the incident to an adult.

·         Make sure that the police are notified of any suspicious activity involving children.


If anyone has information on these incidents, please contact the Criminal Investigations Division of the Evanston Police Department at 847-866-5050 or 847-866-5040.