Once again those popular yellow ducks are making their way to Evanston‘s lakefront to paddle their hearts out in the annual Duck Race and Pluck. The wacky rubber duck race, a fund-raiser for the Evanston Environmental Association, takes to the water Saturday afternoon, September 26, in the lagoon in Dawes Park,

Church Street


Sheridan Road


The afternoon begins with free duck-related children’s games and activities at 3 p.m. After warming up, the sleek racing ducks will then slip into the water at about 4 p.m., ready for the much anticipated race. The first 10 ducks to push their beaks across the finish line win prizes for their sponsors. Ten other lucky duckies, plucked at random from the yellow, orange beaked flotilla, also win prizes for their owners. Assisting the ducks in their race are human helpers with paddles, who will create the waves that the ducks will ride on to victory. Sponsors are also encouraged to gather at the lagoon’s edge to cheer on their numbered fowl.

The bright yellow rubber duckies are now looking for sponsors to support their training and racing efforts. Sponsorship is $10/duck or pick up a “quack pack” of 3 ducks for $25. At the end of race day, all rubber ducks will go home with their sponsors. For more information, call the Ecology Center at 847-448-8256.