The Labor Day weekend was a pretty good weekend for fishing. The weather was stable and warm and the winds were light. It was a long weekend, just made for fishing, and we took advantage of it.

The adventure began on Saturday at Lovelace Park. It was uncertain how many people might be there because of the holiday, but there was a good crowd of families out to enjoy the great fishing at the park. There was quite a bit of excitement at the pond when a young fisherman set his hook into a beautiful 1 ½ lb crappie. No one knows where that fish came from, because it wasn’t raised in Lovelace Pond, but the young angler wasn’t too concerned about it. Everyone had fun.

Sunday was a good day to try out some salmon fishing. The water has cooled down –well, it never really heated up as it does most summers — so the cooler temperatures are here earlier than usual. This can mean salmon moving in closer to shore early in the fall. We made some calls to some other fishermen who have been chasing salmon all summer for some ideas on baits and depths. The morning fog made it interesting out on the water; it burned off later on. We trolled the water east of Wilmette Harbor, but only managed a couple of small brown trout; it was a good day on the water nonetheless.

Monday we decided to give the salmon a rest and targeted smallmouth bass. Once again the fog made moving up and down the lakefront a real challenge. Upon leaving the boat ramp at Church Street and heading north to Wilmette Harbor, one could barely see the Northwestern landfill. The bass were far more cooperative than the salmon had been; we were able to land six nice smallmouth bass and a couple of really nice perch, making for a great day on the water.

Reports from the area waters like the Skokie Lagoons, the Fox chain, and Lake Geneva have been that the action has slowed down quite a bit from past weeks. The temperatures do not indicate it, but it might be just about lake turnover time again. We’ll keep checking and let you know. Until next time, be sure to keep a tight line.

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