The Oct. 6 program meeting of the Evanston Township High School PTSA, “Alphabet Soup: Resources at ETHS,” will help parents and guardians understand common abbreviations at ETHS and the programs behind them. The meeting will be held from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in Room S-214 at ETHS, 1600 Dodge Ave. Attendees are asked to park in the rear lot and enter through the Francis Bacon entrance door.

PTSA has invited the heads of more than a dozen programs to describe what they offer students. Beth Arey, the new head of the College Career Center (CCC) and Michelle Vazquez, the Center’s Post Secondary Counselor will discuss planning for after high school.

Dr. Paula Miller, associate principal for student services will explain grade-point average (GPA), the Graduate Equivalency Diploma (GED), class placement, independent study, and the importance of taking Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

Pam Sloan, fine arts chair, will describe performance opportunities and annual trips planned by various courses of study.

Speakers will explain how Systems of Support (SOS) helps students who need academic support, either long-term or short-term; athletic eligibility and support programs; how students can earn community service hours; fulfill the requirements of National Honor Society; get a job while in high school; what is involved in youth drug-prevention programs like Student Under the Influence (SUI) and Parent Partnership Network (PPN).

Marcus Campbell, academic supports coordinator, will explain the differences between STAE, AVID, Project EXCEL and the advantages that such programs as these offer.

Speakers will describe over a dozen different programs at ETHS which exist to help and support students.  Handouts will be available and a question-and-answer period will follow the presentations. 

Information is available on the ETHS PTSA website,