Volunteers were out early to clean up Evanston’s beaches on Sept. 19, the day of the international coastal cleanup. The Alliance for the Great Lakes reported that Evanston’s totals were 295 volunteers, 841 pounds collected, 1.91 miles of beach cleaned and 127 bags filled with beach detritus.

Beach by beach, the Alliance reports that at South Boulevard Beach, 28 volunteers collected 33 pounds of debris in 11 bags (eight garbage bags and three recyclable) in the .13 miles of beach. For the .5 miles of Dempster/Greenwood beach, 120 volunteers collected 267 pounds in 20 bags (nine garbage, 11 recyclable). At the Clark and Lee street beaches the totals were 80 volunteers, 440 pounds, 1 mile, 42 bags (21 garbage, 21 recyclable), and at the .28 miles of Lighthouse Beach, the 67 volunteers brought in 101 pounds in 54 bags.

Photo courtesy of Leeanne Oue