– Since 1789, the Supreme Court, arguably the most powerful branch of government has been deciding cases which effect the lives of every American. With no more than nine members at any given time, it has ruled on the actions of both the legislative and executive branches of government. Who are these nine members, what is the history and legacy of one of the more mysterious and less public branches? On Thursday, October 22nd at 7:00 p.m., the Evanston Public Library and the Repubican Club of Evanston will jointly present Prof. Stephen B. Presser, renowned constitutional law scholar and professor of Legal History at Northwestern University School of Law as he speaks on “The Supreme Court: A National Treasure in Transition.”

Prof. Presser will look at some of the most important cases issued by the Court as well as talk about the Justices themselves and their judicial philosophies, including the most recent and first Hispanic woman member, Justice Sonia Sotomayer. The lecture will take place in the Community Meeting Room on the first floor and will be followed by a social gathering afterwards at the Celtic Knot Public House across the street on Church Street.

This Lecture is the second in a three-part fall series sponsored by both the Library and the Republican Club. The final lecture will be a panel discussion on Evanston Educational Choices and Options on Wednesday, November 18th at 7:00 p.m. Please contact the Adult Services Department at the Library at (847) 488- 8600 or the Republican Club of Evanston at (847) 491-9190 for more information.