Peter Huften takes this capacious bicycle for a spint with with Diego (right), Nadia (back) and Clive (front) at the Green Living Festival.

… that construction continues all over – Sheridan Road on the south, Central Street on the north, Maple Avenue downtown and some places in between. Sheridan Road by the Lighthouse is one lane in each direction and closed south of Kedzie; Central Street is grooved around the edges; Maple Street by Church will be under repair until Thanksgiving; and repairs on Dodge Avenue south of Dempster are about to begin.

… that last week’s high winds took
a few branches and limbs down. Here is one tree that broke off near the base of
the trunk.

… that the Arthur Hill Company has requested that, through Thanksgiving, patrons of the Maple Avenue garage, during the streetscape construction and repair, be allowed up to four hours free parking. Folks who park more than four hours will be charged the full rate. However, rather than Mr. Hill’s reimbursing the City for this favor to his development, he prefers that the City pay the tab using funds in the Downtown II tax-increment financing (TIF) fund. And, apparently, the City concurs. To be fair, Mr. Hill is underwriting some shopping incentives to induce shoppers to patronize the plaza.

… that even more free parking is in store downtown, to entice holiday shoppers to downtown Evanston – free parking in the City’s three downtown garages, as well as the one at 1234 Chicago Ave., between 5 p.m. and midnight weekdays and all day on Saturdays between Thanksgiving and Jan. 2 of next year. Projected revenue losses are $30,000 for the six free Saturdays and $11,000 for the weeknights, but the City says the garage revenues are higher this year than last and are tracking budget projections. 

… that, speaking of plazas, the redevelopment planned for 1603-29 Orrington may be creeping along. Last week, the City’s Site Plan & Review Committee gave final approval to plans for an above- ground parking lot in the block bounded by Davis Street, Orrington Avenue, Church Street and Chicago Avenue. The lot will accommodate 21 cars: Landscaping
will help block a view of the lot from
Orrington Avenue. This is the first phase
of the project to redevelop the block, which has been delayed by the recession.

… that City vehicle stickers will go on sale Nov. 1.

… that the City plans to contract with Healy Asphalt Company in Morton Grove for cold-patch materials for cold-weather street maintenance. The City says this material “can be stored in the open and will adhere in rain and freezing conditions.”

… that last Wednesday was “Walk and Roll to School Day” in Cook County. Wonder how they worked that out with kids who take the bus?

… that there were some cool alternatives to regular old cars at the Green Living Festival: a bicycle with a front cart that holds up to four kids, from, and Tesla’s all-electric sports cars. Both of these items can be a bit pricey – $100,000 for the Tesla and $4,500 for the bike cart; but their value has to be assessed in terms of what a regular car costs in the areas of gasoline, storage, pollution and (dare TG go there again?) parking tickets. Tesla says it plans to have a sedan for next year for about $50,000.

… that the Chicago Metropolitan Area Planning group (CMAP) reports that the federal fiscal year began without Congress’s having repealed its rescission of several million dollars in transportation funds that would have helped northeastern Illinois: $83.6 million to be rescinded from the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement (CMAQ) program, $25.5 million from the Transportation Enhancement program, $20.3 million from the local Surface Transportation Program (STP), and $37.0 million from the Highway Safety Improvement program.

… that the RoundTable got a call from an irate former alderman who attended High Holiday services at NU’s Hillel Center. The alderman followed but apparently misunderstood the “Hillel Parking” signs and ended up with a $50 parking ticket – as did several others. The alderman also said there is a note on the ticket advising that those who appeal NU tickets will have to pay an additional $10 if they appeal the ticket and lose. Seems it’s not just the airlines that are into creative pricing.

The Traffic Guy thinks …

… that, since some folks are still pressing the issue of allowing residents to raise a few chickens in their yards (and, yes, ruffling a few feathers in the process), maybe the City could have a community chicken yard, a cooperative roost, or, more informally, a coop coop (you can put a hyphen in one of those “coops.”)