Edmund B. Moran, Jr., announced his candidacy for state representative on the grounds of the Lorraine H. Morton Civic Center

Edmund Moran Jr. announced on Monday that he will seek to represent the 18th legislative district in Springfield. He hopes, as do four other Democrats, to fill the seat that will be vacant next year. Julie Hamos, who holds that seat at present, is seeking the 10th congressional district seat that will be vacated by Mark Kirk.

Making his announcement at Ingraham Park, adjacent to the Civic Center, where he served for 18 years on the City Council, he said he still has a passion for public service.

He gave three reasons for choosing the site to open his campaign and said those reasons echoed the themes of his campaign.

 “The experience I had being on the Evanston City Council and on the Evanston Recreation Board represents a lot of work, a lot of experience,” Mr. Moran said, looking at the Lorraine Morton Civic Center, whence he retired in May. He said that, because of his time on the Council, “I ultimately know how to work with people and make their lives better.”

Second, “the building was a high school,” said Mr. Moran, and education would be a priority, should he be elected. “Illinois is almost 48th in education,” he said.

Finally, he wanted to be in the park, he said, because of his love for nature and the outside. Illinois, Mr. Moran said, has not had the best track record on the environment.

He said he felt his professional, legislative and educational experience qualify him for the position. “I’ve known the area of a long time. I love this place; I’m committed to it. If I’m fortunate enough to go to Springfield, I will be an independent person but a person who’ll work collaboratively,” he said.

In addition to Mr. Moran, Patrick Keenan-Devlin, Jeff Smith, Eamon Kelley and Robyn Gabel are seeking the Democratic bid for the 18th district seat. “It’s going to be an interesting race,” Mr. Moran said, when asked about the field of candidates. “If I win, I’ll do the best I can in Springfield.”

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