No one is too young to read the RoundTable online.

Since we redesigned our website about six months ago, nearly 1,000 unique visitors a day have checked it out. Two weeks ago, we redesigned it again. As before, our online edition contains virtually all the articles that appear in our print edition, as well as some web-only stories.

Most of the navigation is the same as before, but here is a quick rundown of The headlines of many articles that appear in our print edition are listed in a section on our homepage called “Headlines in the Paper.” Clicking on a headline will take you to that article. These, as well as other articles, may also be accessed through one of the sections, “City News,” “Schools,” “Art & Life,” etc.

The website also has some new features designed to make it more interactive and which we hope you will use.

Community Forum: You may post a letter to the editor, a blog or informal comments giving your views about any local, state, national or international issue in our Community Forum. You must use your own name to make these posts. To make these more visible to visitors, the first ten or fifteen words of the most recent postings will be quoted on our homepage.

Article Comments: You may post a comment following any article about the issues raised in the article. Again, to make the comments more visible, the first ten or fifteen words of the most recent comments posted will be quoted on our home page. Again here as well, to post comments you will have to post your name.

Community Calendar: School and city groups, theatres, libraries, non-profit organizations, community groups and others may give notice of their events in our online do-it-yourself community calendar. We have attempted to enhance the visibility and ease of access to our calendar by placing one on our homepage.

Citizen Journalists: We have a section where non-profits, neighborhood groups and school groups may post their own articles, together with a picture. If you fall into one of these groups, and would like to post your own articles, register with the RoundTable.

Videos: We have an upgraded video box, and a video library, which allows readers to access all of the videos we have produced in partnership with Burlingham Productions.

E-mail Bursts: Most of the articles in our online edition are posted when our paper edition comes out. We also post new stories on a regular basis. If you would like to receive notice when we post new articles to our website, sign up to receive an e-mail notice from us.

We continue to work on ways to make our paper more interactive. We hope readers will feel free to express their opinions on issues affecting Evanston and Evanstonians. However, posting comments on any of the RoundTable’s blogs requires that you give your name.  The RoundTable will not post ad hominem attacks. We believe in civil discourse and think people should be willing to stand by their comments. We do not think that requiring a name will chill dialogue, but in the long run will enhance it.

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