The sun came out on a recent fall afternoon and so did families and teachers of Dawes Elementary School, for the annual fall garden clean-up.  Dawes School, is a quiet gem on the south-west side of Evanston with an amazing vegetable garden. This garden is planted, maintained and harvested by the students and their volunteer-leader, Lynn Heich. At the end of another fruitful season of green beans, Swiss chard, cucumbers, tomatoes, just to name a few of the vegetables harvested and many more herbs, it was time to put the beds to rest. Summer’s plants were pulled up, mulched. Mushroom compost and a top layer of soil were added to the beds to prepare for winter.

This year, in addition to the Dawes community, a dozen graduate students from Kellogg gave their time and energy, rebuilding one of the wooden bed frames, and adding  underground chicken wire along the outside of the six foot fence to keep pesky rabbits out. The Northwestern students worked side by side the Dawes
teachers and families spreading mulch and getting to know one another.