Maybe This Is the Oldest Tree


We have lived with “our tree” since 1975 when the previous owners of the historical “Doll House” shared the history.  They had learned from the Forestry Department that the burr oak shading the back yard patio was in excess of 700 years old.  It was left from the original oak forest that grew in this area.  They had learned this information in planning an addition to the home. However, learning the age of the tree and info about the shallow root system of burr oaks, they decided against such construction.

We welcome sharing this magnificent tree with others who appreciate nature’s gifts of beauty. It would take four men to encircle the trunk, and the canopy covers half the yard in summer.  While many leaves have fallen, there will still be coverage until deep frost in December.

–Lois  Heimbaugh

Burr Oak tree at 2450 Pioneer Rd.

 Ed. Note: The residents on the corner property of McDaniel Avenue and Harrison Street also called to nominate their tree as the oldest tree.

‘Do Unto Others’?


I wonder how many people are aware of the fact that Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution, which was basically drafted under the Bush administration in 2005 and ratified by the Iraqi people, includes state-guaranteed (single-payer) health care for life for every Iraqi citizen. There are also other health guarantees, including special provisions for children, the elderly and the handicapped. The people of Iraq were not particularly asking for this: It was imposed upon them, under force of arms, by the Bush administration. Thus, the Iraqis have achieved in just a few years what we, in the Republic of the United States, have been trying to do for nearly 100 years. And nobody here argued that we were setting up a socialist government in Iraq.

We should be ashamed of ourselves. The time for serious health insurance reform is now. Or do we have to move to Iraq to get what we, as American citizens, have guaranteed for them?

–Lois Roewade

Giving In The Holiday Spirit

     The Nov. 11 issue of the RoundTable will again offer not-for-profit

organizations in Evanston the opportunity to present their wish lists in the annual

“Giving in the Holiday Spirit” pages. Organizations may submit up to 75 words describing their services and their needs, which may be for volunteer help as well as for cash, goods and services. Include name of organization, address, phone number and contact person.

E-mail to Let the RoundTable show the community how to help at the holidays. The deadline is Nov. 4.