Thousands of people in Illinois are finding a new motivation to be active through a free online program that offers participants support in developing healthier, more active, lifestyles.

Walk Across Illinois is a free health initiative that creates opportunities for everyone to achieve their full potential for physical activity. This free online program is a fun and rewarding opportunity that makes it easy to develop active an lifestyle through walking and other physical activity. Registered participants earn “miles” through physical activity and use those miles to track their progress on virtual routes across the state. 

Walk Across Illinois is a program offered by the Active Transportation Alliance (ATA), which works to improve the health and sustainability of Chicagoland’s transportation.

More than 12,000 walkers have logged over 1.2 million miles since Walk Across Illinois was launched in 2005. 

“One of the easiest ways to earn miles is to replace car trips with walking or biking trips,” said Rob Sadowsky, Active Trans executive director. “Whether it is a walk to the store or a bike ride with your family, your virtual tour starts right at home.”

Anyone can register at www.Walk and embark on a journey towards health and fitness one step at a time.

The website provides participants with resources to make it easy to get active. Resources like information on route locations and a tracker that allows participants to report and track their progress, helping walkers stay motivated every step of the way.